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Customer Experience Engineering - part three


In the second part of this article, we focused on the tips for better engineering customer experience towards customer loyalty. Here are some other tips which can help you achieve this goal.


1. Compare Experiences.

Here is the fun one. You see, a customer does not compare the service or experience in your store to other stores just like yours. In fact, they compare the service or experience in your retail store to the service or experience they get everywhere else. This is why I have always taught that your competition is anyone providing service. So, shop places that provide service and see what they do and how they do it. How does it "feel" when you go there? What do they do that makes you feel that way? How can you apply that to your store experience? Study banks and grocery stores and gyms and hotels and restaurants. All of them have a unique perspective, but the same principles when it comes to service. 


2. Hire Employees Who Naturally Think and Behave this Way.

Here's the problem, you cannot train "experience." You can try and you can encourage and you can reward and it will have some impact. But the truth is, it's based on what you start with. Employees who are focused on experience are not just that way at work; they are that way in every part of their lives. It's who they are. Every one of the cashiers in my retail stores I hired from fast food drive through lanes. All of the employees were given the exact same training, but only the ones who were "wired" for experience actually delivered one. Leona Helmsley, the famous hotelier, was once asked how she gets all her employees to smile. "Simple," she said, "I only hire people who smile."


3. Roleplay.

Okay, there are six tips in this list of five, but consider it a bonus. Role-play is the most powerful form of training. It is the least favorite of your employees, but the most effective way for you to know if you are getting your message through. Remember, training without a change in behavior is about as useless as a parachute that opens on the first bounce. Role-play is the best way to change behavior. Create scenarios for your employees to practice their skills. Watch and monitor them as they do. Have the employees provide feedback to each other as well. Training peers is always the best form of training

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