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July’s Flower store by Alberto Caiola, Shanghai
 – China



Part of an emerging new wave of contemporary florists, July’s Flower juxtaposes Shanghai’s innate and edgy counterculture with the time-honored traditions of horticulture and floral design. 

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Retail Planograms - part2


In the first part of this article, we defined planograms and discussed the necessity and significance of creating and using planograms in retail store management procedure. Here we will consider some other factors in relation to planograms

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Retail Planograms - part1


A planogram is a visual diagram, or drawing, that provides detail where every product in a retail store should be placed. These schematics not only present a flow chart for the particular merchandise departments within a store layout but also show which aisle and on what shelf an item is located.

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Secret Shop a Retail Store


When I was a COO for a footwear retailer, we had a practice of hiring companies to "secret shop" our stores. They would come in the store and make a purchase with a video camera hidden on their person. We would watch the videos and award great performances and then correct poor ones.

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What Size Retail Building Do I Need



Deciding how much space your store needs can be tricky. 

What size building or store do you need? When planning your retail store, the amount of selling space will be one of the most important factors in selecting a location. It is can also be one of the most difficult to determine.

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Teknoland Stores

تکنولند تیتر   

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Shamshiri Restaurant
Padideh Shandiz


Alto Rosario store
Nike+ Run Club


BWM Office



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