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What is Inventory Turnover


Inventory turnover is a measure of how fast a retailer sells through its inventory and needs to replace it. The faster you "turn" your inventory, the more inventory you will need in a year.

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What Is Retail Sales



Retail sales are finished goods and services sold to either consumers or businesses. Retail products are at the end of the supply chain. The beginning of the supply chain are commodities or other raw materials. The middle of the supply chain is wholesale sales. 

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Father’s Day is one of my favorite holidays – a day where I can say thanks to my dad, get pampered by my kids and create marketing campaigns that bring in the money!

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Josefinas flagship store by Christian Lahoude Studio, New York City


Christian Lahoude Studio collaborated with Portuguese footwear brand Josefinas to conceive and bring to life their first store and flagship in Manhattan’s NoLIta neighborhood. For the concept, the studio took its inspiration from both nature and Josefinas’ craftsmanship.

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The Hidden Cost of Bad Employee

retail iran


There is no doubt that everyone would agree that a bad employee in retail can cost you money. But do you know how much? Is it possible to calculate it? Well in a selling environment I think it is. 

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Teknoland Stores

تکنولند تیتر   

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Shamshiri Restaurant
Padideh Shandiz


Alto Rosario store
Nike+ Run Club


BWM Office



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