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The Nuttery by ImageCoDesign, New York City


The Nuttery by ImageCoDesign, New York City

The Nuttery is a high-end, decadent spot located in Brooklyn, New York. With its unique, rustic inspired design, it takes you back to the old market place. Once you step inside you’ll be welcomed by an aroma of fresh nuts and gourmet goodies that have all been carefully and thoughtfully packaged for you. All treats are made fresh on site.


The Nuttery was designed by Image Co, a company that specializes in branding and designing commercial spaces. Image Co offers the complete package from brand concept to floor plans, 3d layouts, finishes and custom furniture. The Image Co team creates a space that commands the attention of your audience, and brings your ideas to life. So come in for a taste of heaven and see what New Yorkers are going nuts over.


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