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Bistrot Bread store

Oct 2015 29


Bistrot Milano Centrale, Milan – Italy

The objective is to provide a sustainable venue, with a special focus on respect for the natural environment, local culture and economy, also through use of natural materials, the limiting of waste and the promotion of virtuous practice amongst the clientele as well.

In an historic location, the former 3rd class waiting room of Milan’s Central Station, renovated by Autogrill and retaining some of the original decor, another sort of waiting can now be appreciated through the genuine flavours of particular territories, neighbouring or distant: local dishes and old recipes, the use of sourdough, traditional maturing and ageing processes.
Social and cultural transformations have brought about a rethinking of the bistrot’s role and functions, of its very identity.

Concepts like mass production and standardization make way for naturalness, the domestic dimension and traditional artisanal production processes. The Bistrot Centrale is a vibrant ambience evoking a typical covered market, where high quality goes hand in hand with concepts like naturalness, in-season supply, local food, respect for products’ life cycles, and accessibility.
The offering is organized around the following food islands:
– bakery
– tea room / coffee house / orchard
– street foods / dish of the day / fried delicacies
– bread made with sourdough / gourmet and cold dishes / wine-bar

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