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Three interactive Technologies That Will Enhance Your Customer Experience



The results are in: the majority of retail shoppers want brands to make interactive technology part of the in-store customer experience.


Recent studies have ranked interactive displays as some of the “Seven Technologies That Are Redefining the Retail Experience” and found that more than 54% of physical shoppers want technologies like touchscreens and projectors in the store.

So what can retailers do to take advantage of these findings? Here are 3 examples of interactive technologies that will keep those tech-hungry customers happy and have them coming back for more:

1. Touchscreens

How It Works: Whether it’s an iPad or a more advanced wall mounted screen, in-store touchscreens encourage shopper engagement and can put everything from product information and reviews to video clips and 3D models at your customer’s fingertips.

Technology In Action: adidas outfitted their stores with wall-spanning 3D screens that allows shoppers to browse over 8,000 in-product styles and lead to an increase in same-store sales of nearly 500%.

2. Projectors

How It Works: When a customer passes nearby or picks up a product, a motion-sensing projector beams colorful, informative content (including product specs, possible accessories and social media feeds) on to the merchandise table below.

Technology in Action: Kate Spade recently installed projector technology into several of its flagship locations and have already seen an increase in overall sales rate for featured products.

3. Interactive Window Displays

How It Works: Traditional window displays have always been part of the retail landscape but new interactive technology enables them to react and engage with passing shoppers. Simply put, interactive windows displays bring the wow-factor and get customers in the door.

Technology In Action: LEGO’s Chicago location has a massive window display that uses motion sensors to turn potential customers into 3D ‘LEGO-men’ on the screen whose body movements they can control. This blend of technology and fun captures the customer’s imagination and entices them into the store.

Benefits of Interactive Technology are Worth the Investment

Interactive displays can help retailers achieve:

  • An Empowered Customer Experience: Interactive displays can empower customers to learn as much as they want about your products and your brand. And the more empowered a customer feels while in your store, the more likely they are to make a purchase and develop brand loyalty.
    • Increased POS: adidas and Kate Spade are some of the earliest adopters but they won’t be the last. If their increased sales numbers are any indication, engaging interactive displays can help other retailers convert too.
    • Measurable Shopper Interactions: Shoppers’ interactions with the display (which products they viewed, which information they requested, etc.) can be tracked and submitted to the retailer in order to anticipate buyer behavior and streamline the display system.

    Interactive display technology is all about improving the in-store customer experience—creating a simple digital interaction that captures the customer’s attention, urges them to make a purchase and sends them home happy.

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