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Data shows that the majority of shoppers are now researching their purchases on the Web before ultimately acquiring the item in the store.


Web Research of Merchandise to Purchase


Shelfbucks aims to make it easier to conduct your online research in-store.
The display you see below is being piloted at Gamestop stores in Texas.  Customers with the Gamestop app can hold their phone over the beacon device on the shelf and get access to a range of product reviews and other details about the game.  As the signage specifies, customers can also get access to discounts on that item.
While many stores are deploying beacons to push coupons to shoppers’ smartphones, Shelfbucks believes this tactic is ultimately equivalent to sending a spam e-mail.  Instead, their approach is to make the consumer be proactive about conducting research and accessing coupons, a set-up that might have particular appeal to those concerned about privacy.

Source: Washington Post





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