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Microsoft’s fast-food self-ordering kiosk


Microsoft’s fast-food self-ordering kiosk


At first glance, this technology may seem a little frivolous:  Is it really that inconvenient to order a burger from a sales associate at a fast-food restaurant? Is this really solving a problem for the customer–or the retailer, for that matter?


But Microsoft says its deployment of the technology at some Hardee’s restaurants is yielding a noteworthy result: Average check size is up in those restaurants as some 40 percent of kiosk users accept an up-sell option such as “Would you like to round your amount to$20.00 and we’ll add a chocolate chip cookie ?”


If Microsoft continues to see similar results with other clients, look for this technology to become more widespread. Fast-food is not a high-margin business, and chains will be looking for any way they can to sell you more food.

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