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Color, Reflection and Contrast

Colors in retail store design


There are a number of factors to consider when lighting a retail space; the size and shape of the space, the intended audience, and the intended message the brand conveys.

 Many elements come into play, such as color, reflection, contrast, and energy efficiency, which make a retail lighting design successful. Supermarket lighting must have great color; choosing light with the right color temperature and CRI is crucial. Lighting is a key factor in projecting and supporting store image; not only enhancing the look and appeal of merchandise, but affecting the feeling of the space itself. Two units of measure are used defining light source color properties: Correlated Color Temperature and Color Rendering Index. All light sources are not equal. Two white light sources may look the same, but can render colors differently or provide a different feel to the space. By using lamps of the same Correlated Color Temperature and with the same, or very similar, Color Rendering Indices, the space will have even, consistent illumination throughout.

Source: Contech Lighting

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