Functionality of Shelving In Retail Stores

Supermarket and Hypermarket Shelving


Your shelving material must be able to withstand the weight you intend to put on it. Factor in both individual and collective item weight.

One canned good is not that heavy, but 100 of them are. If your products are heavy, go with steel shelving or wood shelving that has shorter shelves/plenty of supports.
Also, consider how a specific display material will hold up when used with a specific product. Products with sharp or rough edges (scissors, tools, metal/ceramic decor, metal/wood storage bins) should probably not be placed directly on wood shelving, because they will cause scratches and damage to the finish. Just think ahead, you do not want to be repainting, refinishing, or replacing your shelving a year after you bought it.


Supermarket and Hypermarket Shelves

By matching your display material to your product and overall brand, you ensure the communication of a consistent message throughout your store.

Source: Fit Small Business

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