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Determining Your Store Display Size

Dimensions of Retail Store Shelves and Displays


Once you have nailed down what your displays are going to be, you have to make sure they will fit your space. To do this effectively, you are going to need to have a very detailed store layout and your inventory list handy.

With your layout and inventory list as your guide, here is what you need to do to measure the correct size for your shelving:
•    Determine the overall width of shelving area – This is the amount of side-to-side space you wish to store your product in.
•    Determine the width of the individual shelf units needed – This is the left-to-right dimension you desire for each individual shelf.
•    Determine the shelf depth – This is the front-to-back dimension for each individual shelf
•    Determine height of shelving needed – Ceiling height and number of shelf openings required can help determine the height needed. Shelf openings are the space between shelf levels. Remember to measure your product height when determining your shelf opening size.
When you are determining your shelving height, do not forget to factor your customer into the equation. Make sure you do not put products up too high for shorter individuals. Also, be sure age-specific items like toys and candy are lower to the ground.

Source: Fit Small Business

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