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Interior Design Tips: Color Influence in Store Design - part2




In the previous article we considered the effects and impacts of colors in store decoration on customers.

 The following are more details on the role of colors in customer attraction :

Orange is the color of energy. It can make people happy, arouse their enthusiasm and overall positive effect on people. It’s not as attention-grabbing as red, but it also can be considered an attention-grabbing color. Too many of orange color is also not good, especially if it’s bold orange color. On the other hand, a soft orange color is more tolerable in large doses so it’s a color often used as a wall-paint.

Yellow is an optimistic color. It’s warm and cheery – the color of the sun. The color is supposed to help with concentration. We see yellow before we see any other colors. It’s especially effective when used with black, that’s why “Caution” and other important signs use this color combination. But too much of yellow can be hard for the eyes, causing fatigue or agitation. And there are plenty of studies that show babies cry more in yellow rooms.

Brown signifies warmth and security. It’s a stable, dependable, down-to-earth color. Lately, brown has moved uptown, becoming all the rage in home décor and fashion – we’re seeing a lot of products in combinations of brown and pink, and brown and teal. Various shades of brown in leather and wood have always been popular choices for store fixturing.




Blue is the color of maturity and calmness. It’s a popular color for working clothes because it signifies loyalty and confidence. On a side note, many important people on TV wear blue for this exact reason. Blue is often used in office settings because studies show people are more productive when surrounded by it. It’s also said to lower your pulse rate. Blue is commonly used in airplane décor because of its calming qualities. And hospitals rely on light blue to help with healing and to invoke feelings of tranquility.


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