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Interior Design Tips: Color Influence in Store Design - part3




In the previous articles we considered the effects and impacts of colors in store decoration on customers. 

The following are more details on the role of colors in customer attraction : 

Purple is a rare color that doesn’t happen too often in nature. Perhaps that’s why it’s widely considered the color of royalty. Purple is typically used to symbolize luxury, wealth and sophistication. That’s why you usually see purple got combined with gold color in interior design decoration.

White is clean and bright. It’s used to portray light and purity. White has been referred to as the absence of color and also the color of perfection. While it’s a good primary color, it’s hard to take when used all by itself. There used to be a designer shoe store in Las Vegas that was done entirely in white. From the outside the store glowed, and the merchandise really stood out. Inside, the décor was too stark and too bright. It took a few moments for your eyes to adjust, not exactly a good thing when the goal is to make customers spend quality time in the store. 

You may use white as the main color of your shop, for example, your wall. Then add decorations to the wall; lay unique flooring like cement screed flooring or wooden flooring; you can even play the lighting to make the wall not so striking like what we have done for Little Flower boutique shop. 




Black is at the other end of the spectrum. It’s been described as the presence of all color and it’s an attention grabber, but in a different way than red color. Black is best described as “Elegant” and can invoke the feeling of admiration, so it’s a very popular color to use in prestigious things. For example, when people go to an important and prestigious event, they will likely use a black-colored car compared to other colors. The same goes for suits, executive employee will usually wear a black color suit when they go to a meeting. 

Black can really makes merchandise pop; that’s why it’s a favorite décor choice in electronics stores. It can make a space seem smaller; the same way a black suit can make you look slimmer. Black is a good color to paint a high ceiling. By making the ceiling almost disappear, the space becomes more intimate. 

So, Which Color is The Best for Interior Design? 

There is no such thing as perfect color. There are different colors for Interior Design for different situations. It all depends on many circumstances, like for example, what kind of things you plan to sell, what kind of customers you’re aiming at, how is the situation around your store, etc. This article already give you the basic knowledge on how to use color effectively, the rest is up to you. Mix and match the color to get the most appropriate one for your Store Interior Design, ask other people for their opinion, and arrange your merchandise correctly to get maximum benefit out of these tips.


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