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Grocery retail technologies to innovate the shopping experience - part1


Food technology is growing by the day in a number of options, breadth of utility, and customer appreciation. If grocery retailers want to remain competitive, adopting these technologies could be key to establishing and maintaining an edge. Here are seven grocery-related technologies geared to retailers:


Grocery shopping apps 

These run the gamut in terms of features from store to store. H-E-B is offering a new app that enables shoppers to use digital coupons, find out if their store carries a particular product, manage their grocery lists, and has easy-to-swipe shopping and sharing options. 

Retailers can employ Fetch Rewards, which enables customers to items they want to purchase and then swipe their smartphone in a specialized Fetch checkout lane to complete their transaction. In addition to saving time and energy at checkout, this maximizes the retailer's checkout capacity and enables more customers to purchase groceries with fewer employees. Founder and CEO Wes Schroll told The Herald that shoppers who use Fetch tend to spend 25% to 30% more in the store. 

Manufacturers can benefit from apps like Fetch by delivering coupons as soon as a customer scans an item. Manufacturers can then analyze that consumer data. 

In March, Save Mart Supermarkets launched a rewards program handled primarily through a smartphone app that enables customers to create profiles and shopping lists, clip electronic coupons, browse weekly ads, and access an integrated online recipe database to plan meals around their shopping lists, and vice versa. Members of this program can also earn points they can later redeem in-store, which keeps customers coming back. 

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