Supermarket and department store layout and design



Almost supermarkets or department stores are alike, in important ways that design typical layouts can promote buying and, objective of your store layout can reflect your food value and share some secrets to impulse consumers 's shopping. Correct space allocation for a layout can add 15% to your sales and profits.

The basic principles must always be to maximize space and sales, the store layout is generally divided into sections: meat section, dairy section, frozen items, refrigerated foods, household products, canned and packaged goods, and freshly baked foods, the service counter, locker, back-up areas, offices, staff facilities and production departments...
While shoppers are walking through aisles of a store, they will want to have same kind of flow in the store. Shoppers feel like they are easily moving around the store quickly to get their listed items, so the flow of the store is designed specifically to encourage shoppers to pick more than what is on their list and it often works in this manner, except on those individuals who are strict shoppers and only get what's on their list.
Supermarkets operate in a manner that is designed to push the shoppers through the store until they end up at the cashier counter. Think about when you first walk in a store, what do you see? Typically, you feel like you only have one way to go. So, If you're designing a supermarket of your own, then you're going to take the experience of shopping in a store and think about the marketing that lies behind what you're seeing on each aisle.
Customers typically don't want to have to linger for hours trying to locate their favorite brand. The general idea behind the layout of a store is to allow customers to easily walk around, selecting the products they wish to use. They are familiar with it and its layout, as the frequent it on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, they typically know what they want and where it is. It is a comfort with supermarket shopping to know where your products are located.
A behavioral market-research of consumers showed "Two-thirds of what consumers buy in the supermarket they had no intention of buying,"
Layouts of supermarkets/ convenience store not only rely on such behavior; they encourage it. Every aspect of a store's layout from the product display near the entrance, to the dairy case in the back, to the candy at the cashier counter and signs above the aisles informing people to what is stored the section -- is designed to stimulate shopping serendipity.
Supermarkets/ convenience store usually follow the same design principles as others worldwide, are designed to make customers buy more than they want. Their basic layout has you trekking from one end of the store to the other, maximizing the chance customers will throw a few extra goods into their cart.


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