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Effective Restaurant Layout Tips – part1



Things to Consider for Your Restaurant’s Layout

The physical layout of a restaurant is one aspect most subconsciously noticed by customers.

 Although patrons of your restaurant are unlikely to complain outright about the layout and structure of your establishment, an ineffective layout creates issues with flow and ambiance that customers are very sensitive to. To ensure you are creating an atmosphere that is both productive for your employees and inviting to your customers, keep the following information in mind.


The Entrance

Arguably the most visually important part of your restaurant is the entrance. The entrance is the area that makes the first impression on customers, both current and potential. If your entrance looks welcoming and friendly, people will be more likely to want to visit your establishment. There are a lot of options for decorating and designing your entrance in a way that reflects both the atmosphere and attitude of your restaurant as a whole. Consider corresponding types of lighting, outdoor furniture, shrubbery, signage, and other decorations for your specific restaurant when laying out your entrance.


The Waiting Area

A good waiting area will be large enough to accommodate those waiting to be seated in the dining room or bar area without overpowering the rest of your restaurant space. It will also be a type of funnel that ushers people into the areas of your restaurant where they can make purchasing decisions. One of the key things to keep in mind when laying out and designing the waiting area is to make it comfortable, but not as comfortable as the bar or dining room. The waiting area is a great place to get your customers excited about the dining experience they are about to enjoy. Creating a board of daily specials or discounts along with having copies of the standard menu nearby will create excitement in the customers about the food they will soon be eating.


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