Effective Restaurant Layout Tips – part2



Following the first part of this serial article, some important points are being taken into closer consideration:      


The Dining Room

The dining room is the area where your customers will be spending the most time. But before setting up the seating in this area, make sure you check the fire code standards for your establishment so you are aware of how many people you can legally fit in your dining area. Once you have this information, you will be able to decide if you prefer booths or tables, private or open seating. Different people are more comfortable in different situations, so if you can swing it, it is best to try to have a little bit of everything. Places for large groups as well as areas for more private meals will be enticing to almost every diner. Just be sure that your dining room is comfortable for your patrons and functional for your staff.


The Bar

Depending on the type of bar you are planning to have in your establishment, you will probably want to have different goals for your bar area. If you want a full-service bar where patrons can get both food and drinks, your bar area should be just as comfortable and inviting as the dining areas. However, if your bar is strictly meant to serve drinks and possibly appetizers, you might want that area to have more of a laid-back feel. While many bar areas are slightly separated from the rest of the dining area, it is still important to keep the layout functional because most servers will be placing orders and picking up drinks from the bar.


The Kitchen

The heart of every restaurant is the kitchen. You as a restaurant owner know better than anyone what type of equipment you will need to have in your kitchen. But as you are acquiring this equipment, keep in mind that you will need to fit storage, people, and the equipment in the same room. Your staff will need room to move around comfortably and safely within the kitchen while still having everything they need in close proximity. The amount and type of food you are able to make in your kitchen will dictate a lot about what your restaurant becomes. Make sure your expectations can be met with the kitchen facility you equip your restaurant with.

As for the layout of the kitchen with regards to the rest of your restaurant, this is largely dependent on how much of that space you want your customers to be able to see. Most restaurants keep their kitchen closed to customers; however, some restaurants have their allure in the customer’s ability to watch as the magic unfolds. Decide which of these camps you prefer and lay out your kitchen accordingly.


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