The new, 45,000-sq.-ft. adidas flagship in New York City is the athletic giant’s largest store in the world — and its most brand immersive. 

 Sleek and ultra-modern looking, the store marks the debut of adidas’ stadium retail concept, which is inspired by high school stadiums and celebrates creativity in sport. It features a tunnel entrance, high-school reminiscent bleacher stands for live-game viewing on big screens, locker room-styled dressing rooms and track and turf sections where customers can try out products.



Among the services offered are real-time fitness consultations from trainers, an area selling healthy juices and snacks, a concierge desk, a same-day hotel delivery service, and such personalized shopping experiences as a running gait analysis tool. There is also a print shop for on-site jersey customization and a studio for footwear customization.









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