These Ideas In Retail Innovation Will Change The Way You Shop –part 1

At Springwise, we rely on a network of over 15,000 spotters worldwide to send in fascinating and innovative new business ideas for us to review and write up. Of the hundreds of spottings we receive each day, many of the most interesting and surprising come from the world of retail, and it's here that we've decided to focus our lens for this month's top ten.


"Retail" is of course an incredibly broad category. It can cover everything from the supply chain down to point of sale promotions, and this is something we've tried to reflect in this list, from Memove's RFID innovation to Selfridges' Quiet Zone campaign.

One thing to note is how many of the ideas below can be linked by their desire to make the shopping experience more enjoyable, be it through speeding up payments and helping customers skip queues, providing a uniquely quiet and relaxed retail environment, or gamifying shopping by enabling customers to pay with points earned exercising. There are plenty of factors that can make shopping an unpleasant experience, and any effort to counteract that will always be appreciated.

What's more, none of these examples give the impression of being bolted on at the last minute, in the way conventional "Buy One Get One Free" campaigns often do, for example. Rather, these innovations have taken place at the heart of the product or shopping experience, and, as a result, have transformed that experience into a genuinely useful one. This sense that these innovations are serving a real purpose — be it enabling customers to see how popular clothes are on Facebook for social validation, or involving the customer in the selection of what products are available in-store — creates a unique retail experience, engaging the customer in a way they are not likely to forget. There's lessons and inspiration here for innovators in every industry...

Jeans store uses QR codes to make shopping easier for men 

Shopping can be a trial for some, and it's a widely held belief that many men can find it more of a chore than women. Aiming to improve the experience for men, Hointer added QR codes to their jeans so that customers could simply scan the code in order to get their desired size delivered to a changing room ready for them to try on. This streamlined process saves customers from having to wade through piles of clothing to find their size, ultimately speeding up a shopping trip for those who would rather be elsewhere. 

Follow the rest of the recent innovations in Retail industry in the second, third and fourth parts of this article.


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