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These Ideas In Retail Innovation Will Change The Way You Shop –part2

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In the previous part of this article, we glanced at the significance of the retail industry and the necessity of any possible innovations which may lead to simplification and gamification of shopping process, and discussed one of the recent samples of innovations in this area.

 Here, we are going to take some other innovations into brief consideration. Stay with us!


Facebook app lets runners pay with kilometers completed 

We've seen apps that reward their users with motivational phrases when they exercise. However, Nike Mexico took this a step further with their Facebook auction, Subasta de Kilometros, which allowed runners to accrue points for every kilometre run and then use these points to bid on Nike-branded running gear in the auction. Through this app Nike Mexico cannily provided an extra incentive for runners to keep fit, at the same time as promoting their products.


In China, virtual reality stores turn open spaces into a supermarket 

With the aim of providing a more interactive shopping experience, Yihaodian in China developed augmented reality stores that can only be accessed in certain public locations. When customers point their smartphone in the right direction at locations such as public squares, a virtual store is displayed where items sit on shelves or hang from the walls. This app provides a simulation of a physical retail store so shoppers can feel more immersed in their online shopping trip.


In Denmark, supermarket crowdsources suggestions for local products 

As concerns grow over food air miles, and more consumers want to buy local, SuperBrugsen in Denmark has come up with a novel way of ensuring that the produce they stock will appeal to eco-minded consumers. Through their website, customers can suggest particular local items they would like the store to stock, after which managers will taste-test the items to ensure their quality. A clever way to use customer crowdsourcing to ensure that the store only stocks items that will sell. The crowds have also been put to good effect in the Netherlands through the Avoid The Shopping Crowds app that analyzes social media feeds to tell the user how busy a shop is before they enter it. Both businesses use crowdsourced data to improve real life experience. 

Stay with us for the rest of the recent earthshaking retail innovations in the 3rd part of this article.


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