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These Ideas In Retail Innovation Will Change The Way You Shop –part3

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In the second part of this article, we took a look at some of the most recent and outstanding innovations which have posed a innegligible  influence on Retail Industry. 

We, in the 3rd part of this article, will look into some other retail innovations which may be of interest to you. Stay with us!


Mobile app lets retail store shoppers skip the checkout lines

The convenience of popping to the shops for a few grocery items can be hampered by long queues. This was something the brains behind QThru recognized when they developed their app, which allows shoppers to browse, scan and buy products all through their phone. Skipping the queues is an appealing prospect for many, and with that in mind we also saw SoPost, which uses customer's email addresses to deliver purchases, rather than the traditional home or work address. An interesting idea that reflects the increasingly mobile lives many lead.

Brazilian fashion retailer displays Facebook ‘likes’ for items in its real-world stores

We've seen those involved in retail adjust impressively to the increasingly online world we live in. C&A provided a good example of how the real world and the online can converge to create a modern shopping experience. By displaying Facebook ‘likes’ on small screens embedded in articles' hangers, the retailers showed the increasing tally of ‘likes’ different items of clothing were receiving from web users. The hope was that approval from the online community would encourage shoppers to purchase an item of clothing.

Machine accepts cards for tips

Increasingly, cash is being passed up in favor of card payments. This makes for a lighter purse, but can also mean that cash rituals such as tipping can be left by the way side. DipJar aims to remedy this by offering an easy way for cardholders to tip, in the form of a machine placed near the till that customers need only place their card into quickly for a USD 1 tip to be taken. If they wish to give more they can just place the card the desired amount of times. A simple innovation for the retail industry that encourages generosity in a world where plastic is paramount.

Go to the 4th part of this article for the rest of the recent earthshaking retail innovations.


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