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What if you had an employee who never came in late, got sick or took a day off, and worked tirelessly to promote your business but asked nothing in return? Is this too good to be true? You actually have this employee—it is the shelf-talker. Shelf-talkers are sometimes called the silent salespeople of retail because they work wherever they are assigned to promote your business and boost your retail sales.

What is a shelf a talker?
Shelf Talkers are small signs that attach to a retail shelf ledge. They are most commonly utilized with data strips, but can be implemented without them. Shelf Talkers are an effective way to attract and communicate with customer's in-store as they are wandering department aisles.

With aisles stocked full with products, it can be hard for a customer to know where to focus their attention. With fierce competition between big brands and their brightly colored labels, more and more retailers are having to direct the customer’s eye towards specific ‘stand-out’ products – and where better to draw their attention than to your competitive price points? The best way to do such thing is to use the right direction tools, Shelf talkers. Shelf talkers are the best tool to direct the customers by giving them enough information of the products, so that they can make the right choice.

At the end, the presence of shelf talkers in a store is the easiest way of increasing sales, creating easy shopping experience, helping suppliers to have better business, and in general the cheapest way to boost your own business.

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