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Choosing a Retail Store Location - Part2


In the first part of this article, we discussed different kinds of goods in retail stores and the necessity to gather sufficient information about local population of the area where you are considering to establish your retail store. Here, we are going to go on with these factors.


Accessibility, Visibility and Traffic

Don't confuse a lot of traffic for a lot of customers. Retailers want to be located where there are many shoppers but only if that shopper meets the definition of their target market. Small retail stores may benefit from the traffic of nearby larger stores.

  • How many people walk or drive past the location.
  • Is the area served by public transportation?
  • Can customers and delivery trucks easily get in and out of the parking lot?
  • Is there adequate parking?

Depending on the type of business, it would be wise to have somewhere between 5 to 8 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of retail space.

When considering visibility, look at the location from the customer's view point. Can the store be seen from the main flow of traffic? Will your sign be easily seen? In many cases, the better visibility your retail store has, the less advertising needed.

A specialty retail store located six miles out of town in a free standing building will need more marketing than a shopping store located in a mall.

Signage, Zoning and Planning

Before signing a lease, be sure you understand all the rules, policies and procedures related to your retail store location.

Contact the local city hall and zoning commission for information on regulations regarding signage. Ask about any restrictions that may affect your retail operation and any future planning that could change traffic, such as highway construction.

Competition and Neighbors

Other area businesses in your prospective location can actually help or hurt your retail shop. Determine if the types of businesses nearby are compatible you're your store. For example, a high-end fashion boutique may not be successful next door to a discount variety store. Place it next to a nail or hair salon and it may do much more business.

Continue on the third part. Stay with us!

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