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Das GERBER Shopping Mall by Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart – Germany




Württembergische Lebensversicherung AG owns a 14,000 m² plot of land at the south-western end of Stuttgart’s city centre. Its former company headquarters were demolished in 2011 and replaced by an ambitious new urban development, comprising of retail, office and residential space. 

The competition for the building and external design was won by architectural firm Bernd Albers Berlin, while Ippolito Fleitz Group were commissioned to design the interior for all public spaces and to develop a guidance and orientation system.

The interior was designed to position the GERBER as a key location and leading city address. Its main axes successfully negotiate the terrain topography and connect the city centre with its neighbouring quarters. The GERBER itself is more of an urban boulevard than a mall. A high-end design throughout makes it viable in the long term, while remaining a low-threshold location for those less interested in luxury. Trademarks of the mall include its high quality environment, easy orientation and spatial elements with a strong recognition value.

Access to the public areas of the GERBER is provided via entrances set at three of the four corners of the building. Thanks to its strategic position at several crossroads, shoppers are guided straight into the mall from the surrounding streets. The two entrances on Tübinger Straße lie at ground level whereas the Marienstraße entrance is one level higher. This height difference coupled with the non-linear layout of the main shopping trajectories within the mall make a clear and precise guidance system indispensable.






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