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Retail Selling Skills - part2


As an author of both a book for commercial sales (Advisor Selling) and a book for retail selling (The Retail Sales Bible) I often get asked if there is a difference between selling in retail versus selling in other industries.

In all the customer research (conversations with customers) I do, I am always amazed at the priority customers place on "niceness." Not product knowledge or years of experience, but how nice the salesperson was. Nice is not something I can train either. 

In writing the Retail Sales Bible, I interviewed tons of the best retail salespeople to find out their "secrets" and often times the answer I got was "treat people the way they want to be treated." Not a big shocker, but sometimes the simplest ideas escape us.

When I am working with store managers, often times I will hear, "I just cannot get these people to sell." When I watch the sales floor, what I see are people who are not happy, do not smile, constantly checking their phones and genuinely do not care about being there. 

I can put the entire sales staff through our Retail Sales Bible certification program, but honestly, it will not do much good. While it may be the best selling skills program out there, it matters not if the people you are training lack the basics to begin with. Leona Helmsley was once asked, "how do you get all of your employees to smile so much?" She replied, "I hire people who smile." 

The point is this, retail selling skills are unique in its approach, but the principles of selling are the same. The biggest factor is if the right person is being trained. If you hire junk and give it 100 hours of training, you end up with highly trained junk.

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