Retail Kiosks - Retailing Storefront Alternatives - part2


I am amazed at the number of people opening retail stores who have no retail experience - they simply want to own their own business and be their own boss.


While this is a good goal indeed, retail is much harder than people realize. Working through a franchised opportunity may get you the training and equipping you with the need to get started. While it's not our unique name over the door, the risk is much less. 

Possibly the best advantage of this type of retail location is the ability to capture more shoppers and therefore, more impulse sales. Impulse is the name of the game for kiosks. You can advertise your business, but it's very hard when it's a kiosk. Most of your sales are people who "happen" by your location. So, you better staff your kiosks with strong salespeople and not clerks. 

It's not all positive with kiosks. With rents ranging from $5000 to $30,000 per month during the holiday season, some mall kiosk locations may be out of budget for a new retail business. Plus, consider the products you are selling. Selling products that do not appeal to the average mall shopper would make a kiosk a bad choice for a storefront alternative. The same is true for any kiosk. If it's in an airport full of "busy" people, products that take a long time to explain are a bad idea.

The bottom line on kiosks is that people do not have the time or attention span for you to be successful.

You may love your product, but if it cannot be explained in 30 seconds, then you have little chance of success in a kiosk. Make sure your products fit that window. This means that it takes a skilled sales employee and not a "distracted" high school student. 


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