Adidas interactive mannequins


Adidas designed a new concept for window shopping: an interactive wall that lets shoppers not only explore the new collection of Adidas, but also play and eventually buy items.


What is it? 


At its flagship store in Nuremberg, Adidas tested a new window shopping concept, where shoppers could interact with the brand by touching the interactive screen. Hence, shoppers are challenged in a different way: rather than looking at the collection of the brand, Adidas really invited them to relate to the brand, both during opening and closed hours. Shoppers can decide which clothing (from the NEO fashion line) the model should show, play with the tool or connect their phones to, for example, share or buy items.


How does it work?


One can interact and play with the application by simply touching the hotspots on the screen, thereby making it possible to play with a life-size digital model that will show product details and play with the product. Additionally, shoppers can connect their smartphone to the tool and add items to a personal shopping bag. By firstly using a specific URLcode, one gets its personal shopping bag where products can be easily added by only using a pincode. Once the item appears on the smartphone screen of the shopper, they can purchase, edit, share or e-mail it.

What is its core value?


As Adidas explains themselves, they want to explore new ways to interact with their consumers, especially as virtualization and personalization become increasingly important. By offering new services such as these, Adidas wants to claim its position in the competitive market and wants to further develop virtual products that are accurate enough for decision-making.


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