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Padideh Shandiz Department Store



Shopping and Recreation Center

Padideh Shandiz Center, as the most large and outstanding complex in Padideh town, meets all needs of families for recreation and shopping. A last-to-the-minute architecture, brilliant magnificence and splendor, various guilds and trades, multiple entrances and 4 correlated floors characterize this unique complex.

This shopping center includes 1600 stores, ice rinks, an aquarium, a 17000 square meter hypermarket, an 8500 square meter department store and a large 4000-vehicle parking-lot.



About the designing and equipping company

Enjoying the cooperation of experienced managers and creative designers, Dina Group designs and equips trading complexes and retail stores. Padideh Shandiz Project in Mashad in an area of 22000 square meter is regarded as one of the most outstanding projects designed, implemented and executed so far. In this project all infrastructural, practical and aesthetical standards have been taken into close consideration.



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